How to debug Windows Phone 7 Emulator network traffics?

There will come a time where you would want to troubleshoot network issues like WCF, browser, push notification or any type of network traffic you can think of in Windows Phone 7 emulator. And there are tools like Fiddler and Wireshark for this. This blog I am going to talk about more of Microsoft solution using Microsoft Network Monitoring 3.4

There are couple of reason why I like this tool:

1) It is simpler to use and gives just more then web traffics

2) Very easy to filter traffics based on the application.

Once you downloaded the Network Monitoring tool follow the instruction below

0) Have your Windows Phone 7 emulator ready to go

1) Start Microsoft Network Monitoring

2) Click on New Capture

3) Click on Start

4) For my test case I simply browsed to and I paused the network monitoring tool and final view is shown below. There is XDE.EXE which is your Windows Phone 7 emulator!


Now to help you understand and search what is going on you can download tools to analyze the data

This is definitely alternative that gives you very rich information.

Try out that can analyze your .cap (network traffic capture) file that is useful for analyzing the performance of say your WCF service!

About toetapz

Henry Lee is founder of various start-ups and is passionate about the technology. He is also the author of the book Beginning Windows Phone Development 3nd edition from Apress ( He works with various Fortune 500 companies delivering large multi-million dollar projects. He recently formed start-up company called focusing his energy on delivering mobile applications to the consumers. In his spare time, he dedicates his effort to help his .NET community by delivering sessions at the technology events. He enjoys talking with other technologist about current trends in the technology and sharing business insights with fellow colleagues. Often you will find Henry at local cigar bar enjoying a cigar and a drink trying to come up with next big mobile application.
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